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Rescue Trailer

Secorp Industries rescue services mission is to assist our customers in the compliance with regulations and ensure the safety of our customer’s personnel while performing confined space or high angle work. Secorp accomplishes this by having highly trained rescue professionals coupled with the proper rescue equipment which is customized to the job. The personnel and equipment are kept onsite ready to go at all times.

Multiple Certification Levels

  • Confined Space, Low Angle, High Angle, Trench Rescue Instructors

  • Confined Space Attendants

  • Fall Protection Technicians

  • High Angle I, II, or III Level Rescue Technicians

  • Trench Rescue Technicians


Rescue Equipment Packages

  • Trench Rescue Equipment

  • Confined Space Rescue Equipment

  • High Angle Rescue Equipment

  • Fall Protection Rescue Equipment


Additional Rescue Services

  • Vessel Surveys prior to beginning operations

  • Develop Rescue and/or Fall Protection Preplans

  • Assist Customers with Compliance of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146

  • Additional Confined Space Entry Equipment Available such as Explosion Proof Lights, Ventilators, Gas Monitors, Breathing Air Equipment, etc.

Confined Space Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
Rope Rescue Services
High Angle Rescue
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