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H2S Safety Technician

Secorp offers a wide range of safety technicians who contain many different skill sets to meet our customer needs. These technicians bring value to our customers through Secorp’s internal training curriculum and the individual technician’s unique experiences. Below you will see a few of Secorp’s safety job titles with some of their duties.

H2S Safety Technicians

Maintain respiratory protection and gas detection systems on customer locations to assist with customers regulatory compliance, provide training and fit testing, rig up and rig down Secorp systems on customer locations.

Production Safety Specialist 

Assist customer with the ongoing inspection of safety items on location, conduct site specific orientations, dispatcher duties, and assist with medical support.

Safety Coordinators

Assist in implementation of customer safety programs and policies, provide additional safety support during plant shutdowns.

Prior to beginning work for new clients, Secorp will determine the expectations of the client and ensure the accurate placement of consultants with clients.

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