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H2S Sensor

Gas detection and monitoring systems are essential to determine changes in working conditions in various industrial environments. Prompt and precise detection of the presence and concentrations of certain gases allows for timely action to be taken, whether precautionary or life saving. Secorp has extensive experience in designing, fabricating, and implementing state-of-the-art gas detection and monitoring systems that are practical and innovative, as well as easy and cost effective to operate and maintain. Today’s industrial safety applications often require a sophisticated approach. Secorp can design and install fully integrated turnkey systems for new projects and for existing compatible equipment, either for rent or purchase. Our experienced staff will assemble the system and can provide ongoing maintenance.

Fixed Gas Detection Equipment

  • Fixed Monitors (Wired or Wireless)

  • Gas Sensors (Wired or Wireless)

Portable Gas Detection

  • Single Gas Disposable Monitors

  • Multi-Gas Monitors

  • Gas Detector Tubes and Pump System

Alarm Systems

  • Multiple Configurations for Light and Siren Alarms

  • Explosion Proof Class I Div I and II Alarms

  • Non Explosion Proof Alarms

  • Wireless Relays for Alarms

Remote Monitoring Systems

  • Bluetick

  • OtisLink

Otis Monitor
H2S Sensor
Detcon Wireless Gas Detection
Detcon Alarm
RKI Gas Detector
BW Gas Detector
Scott Gas Detector
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